Web Development & Digital Marketing News: MARSWorks Most Read Blogs in 2017

Last year saw a lot of growth for MARSWorks. As with any business thriving in, or coming up in, the digital industry, there is constant knowledge to be learned as solutions evolve and client’s needs change. The team here at MARSWorks were glad to open up in discussion on various topics we thought you’d like to know about throughout 2017.

As we move through 2018, we expect that we all will encounter new problems that we can solve and share with you. But, before we get too deep into 2018, we thought reflecting on some of our most read blogs from 2017 would be helpful. 

#1 – MARSWorks’ 6 SEO Trends For 2018

SEO trends for 2018

This one was fun. Looking into 2018, the way people use the internet is evolving with every new piece of technology released. Google is working relentlessly to ensure they remain the number one tool for organizing and presenting the world’s online information. The team here at MARSWorks are in constant discussion about the trends we’re seeing in SEO and wanted to involve our readers in the discussion.

We covered the following topics: Mobile-First index, voice search, a new approach to content, rise of SERP features, structured data, and speed/AMP.

#2 – Why Doesn’t My Site Show Up in Google? 5 Common Reasons

This is one of the most common questions that we encounter in the SEO field. SEO for any business in 2017 is one of the most important aspects of increasing visibility and gaining customers – whether your business is done online or offline. Jordan, our SEO specialist, goes through 5 key things to consider if your site isn’t showing up in Google. These include:

  1. Google may not have indexed it yet.
  2. You may be targeting a competitive market.
  3. On-site SEO may need work.
  4. Robots.txt and noindex meta tags.
  5. You could be penalized by Google.

#3 – Web Applications vs. Mobile Applications – A Discussion

We are often asked by clients about the cost to build a Mobile App, and we’re happy to provide an answer and discussion on that request, just send us some details.  The discussion often then turns to an examination of whether or not the best outcome of the project is actually a Mobile App, or perhaps the alternative as a Mobile Web App.

In this popular blog, we got to explain the difference between a mobile app and a mobile web app to hopefully help you figure out which is the best solution for your business needs.

#4 – How Much Does a Website Cost?

Although this blog was written back in 2012, it continues to be one of our most read blogs year after year. This is simply because it asks one of the most fundamental questions clients want to know when approaching the creation of a website for their business or service.

If only we could have provided that clear question you were hoping for. Instead, this blog post explains that to answer this question we need to further discuss the purpose, planned outcomes, timeline, expected budget and more. To reasonably arrive at an estimate we primarily need to know the time frame we’ll need to create the final product.

#5 – Why Should My Business Produce Blogs on a Regular Basis?

As a part of our SEO services, we suggest and offer blog writing services guided by a well-researched content strategy to benefit your website and business in your online endeavors.

In this blog, we had the chance to discuss content marketing and all its benefits for any business. You get the opportunity to engage with your website visitors, showing them your personality, building credibility, and overall encouraging more regular visits. Done right, producing content and getting it out to your viewers will help your SEO and more.

#6 – Is Your Brand Missing Out? 10 Surprising Facts About Influencer Marketing

Every once in a while we like to step out of our comfort zone and discuss new marketing methods that are currently growing. Influencer Marketing was something that we’ve been watching evolve into a legitimate form of marketing for any business.

In November we explored 10 surprising facts about Influencer Marketing. Did you know that 60% of fashion and beauty brands already have an influencer marketing strategy in place?

#7 – What the Future Holds for Machine Learning in the Marketing World

The most futuristic, yet still relevant, topic we dug into in 2017 – how are machine learning and artificial intelligence going to affect the marketing industry? Those of us in the marketing field need not worry too much as we have the time to adapt and progress our skill-sets to keep up with the changes to come.

Keep in mind, the creative aspect of marketing will still remain on our side of the court!

MARSWorks has opened up many interesting discussions over 2017. Check out our blog, join in on the conversation over social media, and stay tuned for many more blogs to come in 2018.

If you are lost in the ever-evolving digital world but need to get your brand out there in front of your target audience, MARSWorks can help. We’re your digital production studio and can ensure your unique online presence is there to strengthen your brand and grow your business. Contact us today!