Taking Travel.gc.ca to new heights

Custom illustrations and a Web application

MARSWorks helped to redesign one of the first government websites that adhered to the new Web Experience Toolkit (WET) templates and standards set forth by the Federal Government of Canada.

The department of Global Affairs Canada wanted Travel.gc.ca to be unique and serve as a showpiece for other government departments in Canada. A difficult challenge, when confined to a standard look-and-feel template.

To meet this challenge, MARSWorks created a series of (more than 30) custom illustrations on various topics, which were showcased in the main image header of the homepage. This creative approach gained the attention of visitors much more than typical stock photos.

Visit Travel.gc.ca.

Upon completion of the website, MARSWorks developed a mobile application for Travel.gc.ca.

The application provides up-to-date travel advice and advisories on over 200 destinations worldwide, emergency contact information for embassies and consulates abroad and the 24-7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa, border wait-times and more.